Thursday, 10 November 2016

I Come From...

I come from power rangers and sweaty shirts from running with the boys
I come from sunday school and ill fitting dresses
I come from the black and white house in Laterbiokorshie and chicken coops
I come from a crush on the Pastors son and quick hellos to the plantain seller
I come from long hours in the salon, burning my hair and watching Esmeralda
I come from uncompleted buildings and long goodbyes at Kotoka
I come from the smell of grandmas chicken stew and remoteless tv
I come from stealing milo cubes and jumping on ant hills
I come from red clothes from the North K sand
I come from uncompleted school buildings and screaming from merry go rounds
I come from teachers chewing garlic in class and fights with the Liberian girl
I come from big bums and skinny boys with six packs
I come from runs up McCarthy Hill and stunning views
I come from light off and empty Kuffour gallons
I come from missed flights for our day and garlic bread down the toilet
I come from fighting in school and running the CU
I come from thigh length dresses to Lighthouse
I come from broken bottles and broken hearts
I come from grandma's bentua to a drug dealing doctor
I come from flipping burgers and drinking champagne
I come from power rangers and a sweaty shirt from running with the boys

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