Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So ever since i turned the ripe old (ish) age of 20, a lot of people have started to ask about my relationship status and have started to ask when I will be getting married and my plans for the future.

Now as I am quickly drawing towards the dreaded age of 21, friends have started to ask this same question; now I didn't mind when my African parents and family friends asked because that is expected but surely not my educated and insightful twenty first century friends.

Because unlike the dinosaur ages my parents emerged from, my friends and i live in a world where a woman doesn't need a man, she can have her own business, have kids and live a full happy life!

Now I haven't had great luck with guys (of which i will go into some other time), and as a rule i do not tell my parents i'm in one so as not to start drama and a lecture! So how they imagine i will get married without first having a boyfriend is very complicated concept to me.

After saying all this, i would lastly like to add that i do not hate men, and when the time is right it will happen; but i'm 20 for God's sake! I would love to get married ONE DAY in the future, with my 2.4 kids and an ever loving and caring husband, driving a Cadillac Escalade; but for now i'm content being a single girl concentrating on uni but has a weird fixation with POWER RANGERS!!

I do not wish to sound ungrateful, because I know i am very blessed to be alive and well, and i thank God everyday for that. Unlike some of my peers who couldn't have grown up fast enough, i have always wanted to stay young and responsibility free! So please do not take this the wrong way, i feel blessed every morning!

I'll leave you with an inspirational piece by the poet Janette-ikz; 'I WILL WAIT FOR YOU'


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