Thursday, 15 March 2012


Peering through blurry sleep drenched eyes at what looks like a silhoeutte of four at the foot of my very comfotable bed; our family tradition of waking the birthday person with singing, warmth and love is what my half awake self is telling me is about to happen.

My littlel sister jumps in my bed and hugs me; 'jump in David (little bro) you may never get this chance again'- a reference to my lack of response when it comes to family hugs (they're chessy).

My dad then jumps in too, unable to stop himself from harmonising the birthday song in my ear while my mum rubs my cheek, I guess to her i'll always be her little girl; which I do not mind one bit!!
 21st Birthday Resolutions: .
.Learn how to cook like my mum ( my Jollof Rice just doesnt cut it)

.Wearing my hair naturally!

 .More organized and time conscious (im never gonna be late people... REJOICE!)  .

.Most importantly, learn to drive and buy a car! :)

 PS: Today is the first time in 8 years it hast rained on my birthday! And the Sun is shining! :) BRITISH WEATHER!

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