Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mothers... Love and Inspiration

So this post was meant to be done by mothers day... but life kinda got in the way. So here it is, the two women that changed my life!

Usually when my mum tells me off or gives me advice on something or other, she finishes off with '... because one day I wont be here to tell you what to do'; honestly this breaks my heart every time she say's it, because I literally cannot imagine a world where my mother does not exist.

She is the most emotional (i mean the woman cries at X Factor!),compassionate, hardworking, caring and loving person I know, and she and my father are the best things that ever happened to me. She works so hard to give me and my siblings the life we so often take for granted.

I remember a time when i used to dislike her because she took me from the country I love; from family and friends to a strange cold and wet place eight years ago, but she wanted to give me the opportunities and life she longed for when she was my age. She wants me to see the world in a way she didn't; and for that and more; I love her!

She recently threw a surprise 21st birthday party for me where she got most of my friends and family together just so she can see me smile! Now mum is not the richest person on earth but I'm content because she gives me what I need; values, worth and a whole lot of LOVE! I LOVE YOU MUMMY!

My Grandmother; Juliana Anyan, was my mother, when my mum was not around. As i write this blog, i can barely help the tears streaming down my face because I lost her way too early. This woman made it hard to miss my mum because she was everything I needed; strict but kind, tough but loving, and most of all she was always there.

She died 4 years ago (May 24th, 2008) when she suddenly got ill (she had type 1 diabetes), and at that moment my life changed forever. I decided the world would not lose someone so precious, so being named after her I decided to become the person she taught me to be. And if i become half the woman she was, I will be content. One thing I know is that, God only takes the very best, and i promise to carry on in her legacy.

'What is more important, who we become or how we become?'
I believe the answer is both, and how I became the person I am today; is because of these two women. I am still a working progress though. :)

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  1. Moved me to tears, there is always that person God connect you with for your best good. Parents, teachers, a choach or a pastor; somethimes we do not understand their role when we are young, but they are gift when you look back at all the values they inspire in you. LIFE IS LIVED FORWARD, BUT UNDERSTOOD BACKWARDS.
    Pastor DKS