Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Preacher's Kid

I used to think that being a pastor's child is very difficult, but i soon realised it is the expectations of people when they find out the choice of one or in my position both your parents.

Going through my weekly reading of the weird and wonderful things that have happened this week (a naked homeless man who ate 75% of another guy's face) i see a link saying Creflo Dollar has been arrested; now for those of you who do not know who he is, let me explain. He is an African - American (senior) pastor and founder of World Changers Church in College Park, Atlanta. The church has nearly 30,000 members and includes satellite campuses in 10 cities.
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Allegedly all this happened because he tried to stop his teenage daughter from going to a party...

Every teenager rebel's at some point but with being a pastors daughter/son, who has been expected to live and behave in a particular way, the rebellion hits harder; you do all you can do to shed that image. I went through that stage, got into fights every other day, went out almost every night getting into all kinds of trouble.

Whenever i talk to people (especially guys) and they find out I'm a preachers kid, they always ask the same question; 'so you're a bad girl?' to which I respond; 'i was', unfortunately i have no tattoos or scars to prove it, just bad memories...

Now when i see most preachers kids going through the same thing, i just want to tell them; its all going to be alright. We are not what people think we are, we are what God thinks we are, its not about being a preachers kid, its about being who you are.

The plights of being a preachers kid have even been made into movies, its slippery ground, but all that is needed is patience. I turned out alright.... right?

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