Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Father

Its my fathers 50th birthday today, and he's got so much SWAG for an OLD MAN! No you wont see it in his nose and ear hairs or his humourless jokes; but you see it in the wisdom in his words, the experience that has coloured his (mostly bald) greying head, in the kindness of his eyes and the love in his heart. 

They say the first man a girl should fall in love with is her father, and i agree with that. Most people unfortunately did not have their father around when they were growing up, and i am very blessed to have had mine as a constant. The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother, and my father illustrates that everyday. Like his mother before him, He has taught me to love like my life depended on it, to give and not expect anything in return. 

The confidence i possess is because he and my mum have both pushed me to believe in myself, they tell me that i can achieve anything i put my mind to. He is like my publicist, he tells everyone i'm amazing at everything even when i know that im not. He pushes me to face my fears and face them head on.

I write this because sometimes i believe we waste our words and we waste our moments, and we dont take the time to say the things that are in our hearts when we have the chance; so i take this time, this moment and this space to say all of this, and i know that one day i will look back and be glad i said this. 

To conclude, Happy Half a Century old man! I love you like my life depends on it - To the moon and back!

P.S The next man that intends to claim my heart has great competition.

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