Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Green Eyes

Wake up
Hopelessly wishing there was an extra day between Saturday and Sunday
Monday Blues
Londoners and the apparent inability to say 'sorry' after budging or scuffing your cool new boots
Miraculously finding a seat on the 8:17 train
Turning to the back of the Metro for the Sudoku
Clapham North
Green eyes sits next to me
Turning to the back of the Metro for the Sudoku
Getting strangely competitive
Green eyes opens full lips and utters the most beautiful words
'You are really good'
French Accent
Pupils dilate
Sudoku wars ensues
I finish first
… 'Are you Ghanaian? I can tell by your nose'
Damn you nose gods!
'I'm from Ivory Coast, I'm here for a photo-shoot... and to meet the man who calls himself my father'
Light even skin tone, symmetry and striking cheek bones haven't gone to waste
A model with daddy issues
Goodge Street
Free coffee
'Skinny Caramel Latte please'
Takes out his phone
Uh Oh!
Turning green eyes down
'Err… I have a 'complicated' situation'
Sad green eyes
Awkward shuffling of feet
If you ever come to Ivory Coast… This is my number.
Kiss on the cheek
Ticklish stubble

*Will be posting more strange and beautiful encounters during my train journeys*

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