Monday, 17 March 2014


3 pieces on 'Love' through my eyes

A Mothers Love

On a train this morning, I met a family I will never forget.
A mother with two toddlers and a newborn baby strapped to her chest
Carrying two scooters and a heavy looking bag
Containing what I imagine was 'supplies' for the newborn baby.
The toddlers (boys) sat on one seat
While mummy and baby sat in the other
Her boys proceeded to ask her questions (very loudly) about the underground travel system
She looked EXHAUSTED!
But never once did her smile falter
She looked at her boys in awe
Stroking their hair while answering their sometimes difficult questions
'Who built the underground?', 'So are we really under the ground mummy?' 'Why are there so many people on the train?' 'What do the different colours on the map mean?'
With the kind of patience and tenderness only a mother of three can muster.


I no longer put him on a pedestal
He's no longer my prince charming
I'm not a damsel in distress
My love no longer belongs in a fairytale
His wrongs and my wrongs fluttered like kisses
And woke me up
But one thing will never change
I adore him
With him I'll experience lasts
I now see his humanity
With imperfections that make him perfect
I'm no longer falling in love, I'm walking in it
I adore him.

The girl with blue hair

Shes the love of my life
Her words of wisdom are a compass
Slightly awkward
A little shy
Hips that sashay as if to music
Nails always filed and painted
Brown eyes
Dark chocolate
Both in will and in opinion
She's got my back
Even when we both know I'm wrong
And I'm fiercely protective
A lioness
The girl with blue hair
She's the love of my life.

'So I love you, because the universe conspired to help me find you' - The Alchemist | Paulo Coelho